Hair Patch in Delhi And Faridabad

As rightly said, hair is one of the usual ornaments that a person can have. They really make or break a personality. A nice set of hair or long locks around your face can boost confidence manifold and are always a key component to a charismatic presence.


Today the problem of hair loss is very prevalent all over the world and mainly gives rise to baldness in many people. This condition is called alopecia. It can affect your scalp and even your whole figure. According to medical science, it is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. With thousands and millions of hairs on a head, that tiny amount is almost unnoticeable. Since the growth of new hair replaces the lost hair, there is no problem, if this mechanism does not happen, the scalp can become hairless in a very short time.

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Hair Patch in Delhi – One-Stop Solution for Baldness

Hair loss can really have catastrophic consequences on one’s life, leading to frustration, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem as well as depression.

Most people undergoing hair loss desire a solution that can change their personality, they seek an immediate solution to boost their self-esteem and regain their lost confidence. Essentially, solving this problem of using hair patches is considered one of the most effective results.

The best part of the process is that there is no surgery, no medicine, no lotion, or tattoo involved. Actually, a hair patch is the fastest solution to the problem of hair fall and baldness. We also call it a hair system or hair fixing. The best hair patch in Delhi allows you to address this problem with a non-surgical procedure.

Hair patch in Delhi

Though there are other techniques that can help in restoring receded hair like hair weaving, and surgical methods like hair transplant, the most effective and efficient are the request for hair patches. Hair Patches in Delhi are a method of positive hair restoration by which small cap-shaped patches made of human hair are used to cover areas where hair is thinning or completely bald. Experienced hair patch advisers and staff like Bright Link Hair Fixing use a quality adhesive that is skin responsive to fix the hair patch on the concerned areas.

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What are the methods for applying hair patches?

The treatment is very efficient and installation of the hair patch is virtually painless and is usually completed in one sitting. And it gives a 100% natural look

There are three ways to apply hair patches.


  1. Hair Bonding or Hair Glue:

After cleaning the bald area, a special glue is applied and with that glue, the patch is pasted on the scalp. It lasts long and gives the most natural look. The most popular glue for the hair system is Walker Tape Ultra Hold Hair System Adhesive

  1. Hair taping

This is an additional way of sticking patches. In this method, a special double-sided tape is used in conjunction with glue. Tapes used for patching hair are Red Tape, No-Shine Contour Tape, Ultra Hold Tape, and Bond Plus Strip Tape.

  1. Hair Clippers

Different clips are sewn into the hair patch and your existing hair holds these clips. The advantage of this method is that you can install and remove the patches yourself every day. But this method gives a less natural look than hair bonding.

Hair Clipping for Hair Patch

Profits of Hair Patch

Inexpensive and valuable for currency – The hair patch method to restore hair is cheaper and very economical as compared to a hair transplant. It can provide you with great results with a quick turnaround.


SAFE & MEDICALLY PERMITTED – The hair patch treatment is 100% safe with no side effects on your scalp, skin, or hair. Unlike hair-fixing treatments, hair-patch treatments do not cause any allergic reactions in the body

Painless – Completely unnecessary and painless hair treatment that can provide tremendous results within a short period of time.

Efficient Procedure- Patients can get hair back within minimum time as the entire procedure can be completed in one sitting instead of multiple sittings. Immediate results can be seen.



Clean Treatment – The entire process is maintained with a high level of hygiene standards

Customization of the Hair Patch – The Hair Patch can be customized as per the requirement, for example, the color, type, and style of the patch are all parameters that can be changed as per the requirement of the patient.

Hair Patch Side Effects or Disadvantages

Requires regular maintenance every 30-40 days

It is not a permanent solution for hair fall.

Use of a special type of comb (light-density brush) is required as dense combs can damage patches of hair.

Hair oil cannot be applied to hair patches.

This can seriously damage the patch. Use of hair serum only is recommended.

After a period of time, these extra hairs need to be colored

Hair Patch Common Questions


How much does the hair patch cost?

The cost of a quality hair patch in Delhi ranges from Rs 7,000 to Rs 50,000. The price of a hair patch depends on the quality of hair and lace used in making the patch and the size of the bald area where the patch is to be applied. Essentially, a hair patch is cost-effective as compared to other options available to cure baldness.


How long does the hair patch last? / Hair Patch Lifecycle

The longevity of the hair patch also depends on how well you maintain the patch in terms of regular washing and servicing, using only branded adhesives and accessories with the patch and dust Protecting against sweating, etc. The life cycle of hair patches is 6-15 months depending on the quality and replacement is required after that period. The quality of the hair patch is better the overall look of the personality is more natural.

Are Hair Patches Safe?

Specialists fix patches of hair with the help of restorative glues or clips. The glue and clips are very safe and do not cause any reactions or side effects on the skin or scalp. This type of corrective hair treatment is incredibly safe and does not take much time.

How to choose the best hair patch? – Size, Brand, Type, Budget

It is very important to select the best hair patch to provide a natural look and feel. Apart from this, it also depends on the quality of the hair patch applied and its fit on the bald areas. Thus, the selection depends on a number of features such as the size of the hair patch, the brand of the patch used, the quality of the hair used, and the price suitable as per your budget.

Do hair patches look natural?

In fact, a good hair patch that is well placed on the area looks completely natural and adds to the personality. If set properly, it looks so natural that no one can tell that you are wearing a hair patch.

Difference between a hair wig and a hair patch?

The primary difference between a hair wig and a hair patch is that the hair patch is applied only to the area where there is baldness, however, the wig covers the entire area of the scalp. A hair patch is preferred over a wig aa s it is more effective and provides desired results. A wig is suitable for those who do not have natural hair on the front and back of the head. Some examples of these cases are cancer patients who lose all hair due to chemotherapy and people with alopecia Universalis. In all other cases, a patch is more appropriate and looks the most natural.

How do you maintain hair patches?

It requires maintenance after every 25 to 35 days depending on your natural hair growth rate and the technique used for hair patch installation (clipping, taping, glue, etc.). For hair patches, regular maintenance is required after 30-40 days.

It consists of four steps stated below:

Cleanse your hair patch after removing it from the scalp.

Wash and disinfect your scalp.

Restoring hair patch and

Cutting, coloring, and hair styling to make you look expected again.

Our staff gives you proper instructions while applying the hair patch so that your hair patch can be serviced at home.


Which is better – A hair Patch or a Hair Transplant? / Who is the correct applicant for Hair Patch?

hair patches and hair transplants cater to different hair problems depending on the severity. Therefore, there are both pros and cons associated with them.

If you are looking for a lasting result and there are sufficient hair grafts (which are required to cover your bald area) in the donor area then a hair transplant is a better option. Pain from butt hair transplantation and it is a surgical one, you may also have a problem.

If you want a non-surgical and fast way to get back your natural look in just 2 hours, then hair patches are a better option.

Can You Shower with the Hair Organization?

Sure, you can, but not additional than double a workweek. We recommend using only sulfate-free shampoos. It is recommended to use conditioner along with the shampoo as it is gentle on the hair system and helps in maintaining the color and softness of the hair.

Why choose Bright Link Hair Fixing – Hair Patch Service in Delhi?

We at Bright Link Hair Fixing offer the best quality hair fall solutions that can be customized as per your wish. We are best at setting up a reliable hair patch that appears completely natural and is made from 100% natural human hair. We have over 40,000 clients and 15+ years of expertise in creation it looks natural. This easy non-surgical solution applies to both men and women

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