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Hair Fixing

In hair fixing, where there is baldness, we fix the hair patch or hair wig where there is baldness by applying tape and adhesive in the hair patch or wig, it is called hair fixing. Hair fixing is a time limit in which you have to go to the hair fixing service center after 25 to 30 days to service the hair patch.

Hair Clipping

In the hair clipping system, in a hair patch and hair wig, a clip shield is given in the border of the patch and wig and is attached to your hair, it is called hair clipping. You do not need service in hair clipping, you can do the service yourself.

Hair Weaving

Hair Weaving

Hair weaving hair patches and hair wigs weave hair into your existing hair. It is also known as child integration. Your hair weaving service is done in 35 to 40 days. This is called hair weaving, in this you have to come to the hair weaving service center for service, Bright Link Hair Weaving Center

Features / 01

Yes you can even go Swimming wearing your new Hair Systems are attached with a waterproof Adhesive to give you the maximum hold


Features / 02

Work out lift Weights, go Running – your system will remain secure and undetectable at all times, leaving you to get on and stay active.


Features / 03

can ride a bike in it
Ride a bike, enjoy – your system will be safe and undetectable all the time, keeping you up and running.

Bike Ride


“BRIGHT LINK HAIR FIXING OUR VISION A permanent solution to baldness so that people are not held back by their lack of self-confidence, but can go out and showcase their abilities to the fullest.
Our mission is to offer an alternative that will help remove baldness, make him feel like he has a natural head of hair, and give him the confidence to face the world and get away from that baldness.”

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