Non-surgical hair replacement disadvantages - Bright Hair Fixing

But they can be significantly reduced with proper care and consideration:


  • Care: Requires regular care to look natural. which we have previously seen in our hair
  • Durability: The lifespan of hair patch, hair wig can be 1 to 2 years compared to your real hair.
  • Comfort: Some people who do not use tape and adhesive well may not find it as comfortable in extreme weather conditions.
  • Theft of time: May require prolonged expenditure of rehabilitation and care.
  • Glue Allergies: Some people may suffer from allergies to the glue used in glue.

Shortcoming Solution:

  • Correct Care: Regular cleaning and styling care.
  • Professional Assistance: Guidance from hair replacement professionals.
  • High Quality Products: Invest in high quality non-surgical solutions.
  • Glue test: Do a patch test for glue allergies.
  • Harmoniousness: Understand styling limitations with creative solutions.
  • Regular Checks: Regularly check for improvements.

Selecting a prime provider, understanding individual requirements, and ensuring you are adhering to realistic expectations is key in minimizing the impact of these pitfalls. Regular communication with professionals and proactiveness in care are key elements to help maximize the benefits of these non-surgical hair replacements.

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